EPA held an awards ceremony to honor local governments at all levels with their outstanding performance on the Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland

On 23 April 2016, Taiwan EPA held an awards ceremony to honor cities, counties and villages with their outstanding performance on the Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland certification. The purpose of this award is to reward their great effort, meanwhile, to demonstrate the best examples of the conversions from sustainable development concept to real action and public participation to promote Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland.

EPA said, building a Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland rely on public participation, by implement energy saving and carbon reduction actions from daily life, the sustainable concept could be applied and practiced. Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland certification was piloted from July 2014 and officially started on 1 January 2015, through the essence of self-competition, cities, counties and villages could be encouraged to engage into this program.

To get Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland certification, participants should according to their local conditions and implement some suitable actions plans, the dimension includes Ecological Greening, Renewable Resources & Energy Saving, Green Transportation, Resource Recycling, Low-Carbon Living and Sustainable Development and Management. The result should be accumulated from bottom to top, which means the local governments should assist the counties and villages which are under their jurisdiction, the threshold for local governments to get certification is a proportion of their counties and villages get the certification.

Due to local governments, counties and villages actively involved, the performance of participation rate and number of certified participants are gradually increased. EPA Deputy Director Mr. Fu said, the reason EPA held this awards ceremony in Sanchong District is not only New Taipei city got the Silver certification but also the event location, Chengde village and Shunde village, got the Silver certifications at the same time. By established the roof solar photovoltaic systems, roof farm, ecological pool, vertical planting, rainwater recycling and resource recycling, also trained volunteers for future maintain work, low carbon action plans in these two villages can be operated continuously. The villages can be a great model and lead surrounding village to follow their experiences, implement energy saving and carbon reduction actions and join the certification program.

In addition of awards ceremony, EPA cooperated with 22 local governments setting exhibit stalls, invited other low carbon villages or communities to display and sale their low-carbon, natural and environmentally friendly agricultural products or cultural products. EPA expected by supporting communities' agricultural goods and enhance its added value, financial sources might be provided and communities could operate independently to construct their low carbon and sustainable homeland.

All award winners of low carbon and sustainable homeland program.

Free low carbon and organic food for public test.

Community sells their environmental-friendly agriculture products.

Roof Farm

Ecological Pool

Rainwater recycling system