Minister Shen Inspects Remediation Site and Low-carbon Tourism in Hualien

Minister Stephen Shu-hung Shen made a trip to Hualien on 3 August to inspect the implementation of some green remediation projects and to learn about how the contaminated sites were being improved through the induction of green remediation projects. In addition, by visiting low-carbon shops and exchanging thoughts with locals, he was able to appreciate the development of green industry in Hualien.

Ever since the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act was promulgated and implemented in 2000, the EPA has been active in discovering sites of mass contamination. In addition to pro-actively establishing the Technical Reference Guide to expedite the remediation of contaminated sites, the EPA has, in keeping with international trends, introduced the concept of green and sustainable remediation. In fact, the central government selected the Beipu Oil Terminal as the model site for promoting green and sustainability oriented remediation. In doing so, environmental footprints and the economic and social aspects of Beipu were all taken into consideration. The overall remediation thinking encompasses the benefits of pollution removal, energy saving and carbon reduction, hydraulic control and landscaping.

On the following day, Minister Shen paid a personal visit to Liyu Lake. In an attempt to understand how well Hualien County has been promoting green industry and low-carbon tourism, he toured low-carbon stores and talked to local residents. In addition, the EPA held a seminar and exchanged views with local elected representatives on the problems confronting the engineering and management policy of green, sustainability oriented remediation. Only when the EPA acquires a comprehensive understanding of  local needs can we expect that in the future, soil and groundwater pollution remediation will stride forward based on local environmental quality, regional economic development, and social expectations.


Prepared by Environmental Policy Monthly, August 2013