EU ecolabel consultation kicks off review

A consultation has been launched to help feed into a review of the EU ecolabel, due to be completed by the end of the year.

The review, led by consultants Ricardo-AEA, will look at how the ecolabel has been implemented, assess its effectiveness and make recommendations for its future.

The latest version of the ecolabel regulation entered force in 2010. The European Commission’s environment department may propose changes next year.

The review will focus on three product groups – tissue paper, indoor paints and varnishes, and tourist accommodation. But project director Simon Gandy said the consultation questions are deliberately broad to try and get views from as many member states and sectors as possible.

Some member states make much more use of the ecolabel than others and there have been recent criticisms of the scheme, rebutted by the Commission, based on misunderstanding of its voluntary nature and concerns about the cost of preparatory studies. Some countries also have their own successful national schemes.

Ricardo-AEA is also conducting two other projects for the Commission’s environment department. One will develop a methodology to assess the durability of products while the other is a wider assessment of all the EU’s product policies.

There is also an ongoing review of the ecodesign and energy labelling directives, and a programmedeveloping a standardised product footprinting approach.


Excerpted from ENDS Europe Daily