39 Local Government Units Receive Awards For Actions Combating Climate Change

The Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland Award Ceremony 2017 was held on May 12 by the Environmental Protection Administration at Jin Hwa Park in Tainan’s Jin Hwa Village. The Chief Secretary Ms. Hsiao attended the event to present the awards to local governments who have demonstrated outstanding efforts in energy saving and sustainable solutions.


The venue, Jin Hwa Village, itself is a silver-award winner in the low carbon community category. Ms. Hsiao was amazed by the villagers’ continuous endeavors in cutting down their carbon footprint. In fact, this is not the first time Jin Hwa Village received widespread acknowledgement; it was among the finalists in the 2011 International Awards for Livable Communities, an honor recognized by the UNEP. The man that has made this possible is Mr. Ke, the elected Chief of Village for 9 consecutive terms; his motto is “A big country starts with its small communities”.


Communities like these are the basic incubators for environmental education, they evolve around people’s daily lives, and are often flexible and versatile in their low carbon practices. It is hoped that the Silver, Bronze communities could act as a hub for all the neighboring villages to come and share useful practices.


Besides the ceremony, the EPA has also invited 22 local governments to bring their best local produce or products made naturally and sustainably. It is to demonstrate that by selling merchandize made by the low carbon communities, the funds would go back to fund the communities themselves, creating a sustainable loop.


The Low Carbon and Sustainable Homeland project is in its fifth year, it encourages villages, townships, counties and cities countrywide to participate in adopting a more environmentally friendly manner in every aspect of daily life, which is grouped in 6 categories: Ecological Greening, Renewable Resources & Energy Saving, Green Transportation, Resource Recycling, Low-Carbon Living, Sustainable Development and Management. Next, the applicant present their unique low carbon-emitting actions as execution results, in order to participate in the “silver” and “bronze” ranking. Followed by some paper and on-site reviews by the inspection committee, this year, 17 applicants receive the silver award honor, including Yilan County, Tainan City, Guantian District, Liouying District, Syuejia District, Yujing District in Tainan, as well as Jiantan District in Taipei. 25 applicants receive the bronze award, including Kaohsiung City and Kinmen County.


Moreover, the EPA has also awarded NTD300,000 to environmental bureaus in 8 counties and cities, together with environmental bureaus in 6 municipalities for their outstanding achievements in combating climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the work of greenhouse gas registry, inventory and carbon neutral. Chief Secretary Ms. Hsiao commended that local governments should keep the momentum going; in order to adapt and mitigate climate change, it is vital to take the next step forward in fulfilling the goals of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act together.