A million people demand a global ban on single-use plastic at UN Oceans Conference

An Avaaz petition signed by more than one million people to phase-out single use plastic worldwide within the next five years will be presented to UN Environment to support its Clean Seas campaign to end marine litter.

This comes as more than 20 countries have come forward to support the #CleanSeas campaign, which calls on governments, industry and citizens to end the excessive, wasteful usage of single-use plastic and eliminate microplastics in cosmetics, both major sources of marine litter, by the year 2022.

Head of UN Environment, Erik Solheim said: “So far over 20 countries have committed to reducing their plastic waste, but we need many more on board if we are to drastically reduce the 8 million tonnes of plastic already leaching into our oceans every year, causing havoc and endangering marine life. I thank all one million of you who have signed today’s petition, and I will be making sure countries understand people around the world want to turn the tide on this rubbish.”

Since #CleanSeas launched in February, major commitments from countries have been made including Indonesia committing to reduce its marine litter by 70 percent, Kenya is set to introduce a plastic bag ban in September, and Sweden will announce a major new financial commitment for global action on the marine litter issue.

The Avaaz campaign calls on governments to phase out single use plastic within the next five years and Erik Solheim, the Head of UN Environment, will be raising the concerns of the public in his address to the UN Ocean Conference and in his talks with governments.