German MPs change rules on biogas subsidies

  Germany’s lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, has made several changes to new rules on subsidies for biogas following complaints from the sector.

  The rules, which significantly reduce the amount of subsidies for biogas, will now apply from January 2015 rather than August this year. They were put forward by Germany’s federal government in June as part of an overall of the country’s green energy law.

  Operators of large anaerobic digestion installations are particularly affected by the rules. They see little chance of growth as a result.

  On Friday, German MPs also corrected an omission in the regulatory text that jeopardised subsidies for existing installations producing heat and power from biogas.

  According to sector association Fachverband Biogas, the original text failed to take into account a rule that counts CHP plants built before 2012 that are not located where the biogas is produced and are connected to pipelines as a single installation.

Excerpted from ENDS Europe DAILY