Bio-based initiative makes first call for projects

  A new €3.7bn bio-industries research and innovation partnership between the EU and industry launched its first call for projects on Wednesday.

  The partnership is one of seven public-private partnerships created under the EU’s Horizon 2020 research programme, all of which launched their calls together.

  Several of the other partnerships are second iterations of previous programmes, including the Clean Skies joint undertaking, which aims to create greener aircraft, and the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen joint undertaking.

  The Bio-based Industries joint undertaking aims to find and develop technologies that can convert organic waste and renewables resources from agriculture and forestry into chemicals, food, animal feed, fuels and other materials.

  It hopes to double the share of bio-based chemicals produced in Europe from 10% to 20%, reduce imports of protein for feed by 15%, cut fertiliser use during feedstock production by 10%, and increase waste and by-product utilisation by 15%.

  The first call for projects is offering €50m of EU funding and up to €100m from industry for projects in 16 areas including more sustainable pulping technologies and generating protein from plant residues.

  The EU will contribute €975m to the initiative over the next ten years, with the rest coming from a group of more than 40 companies, including consumer goods firm Unilever, chemicals firm Kemira and BASF, and drinks maker Coca Cola.

Excerpted from ENDS Europe DAILY