Low-Carbon Living

Low-carbon lifestyle is a personal life style that involves behaviors with less carbon emission. This can be divided into energy saving and green life. Energy saving refers to water, electricity and fuel saving as well as resource recycling, while green life is living with minimal environmental impact, such as applying green building design, taking public transportation, walking more and driving less.

  1. Promotion of Low Carbon and Sustainable Activities with Colleges, Enterprises or Communities
  2. Low Carbon and Sustainable Related Fairs/Expos
  3. Volunteers Training for Low Carbon and Sustainability
  4. Diagnostics Training for Old Buildings Energy Efficient
  5. Certification for Low Carbon and Sustainable Technical Personnel Training
  6. Water Conservation Equipment
  7. Carbon Emission Reduction Logos
  8. Green Hotels
  9. Green Procurement
  10. Low Carbon and Organic Food
  11. Low Carbon and Sustainable Traveling
  12. Low Carbon Traditional (folk) Activities
  13. Green (Stores) Markets or Channel Platform
  14. Low Carbon and Sustainable Consultation Platform