Renewable Resources & Energy Saving

Renewable Resources & Energy Saving covers three main topics, including renewable resources, energy-saving buildings and energy-saving facilities. “Renewable Resources” refers to the inexhaustible energy, and there will be no pollution produced during the process of generating “the energy”; “Energy-Saving Buildings” covers actions which can reduce or save the energy consumed in the buildings, trying to achieve the goal of developing the healthy, comfortable and energy-saving living environment. These actions include some greening measures, high efficiency indoor lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, the use of renewable energy as well; actions or measures which refer to applying high efficiency or performance equipment to minimize energy consumption during the operation and maintenance could be defined as part of the “Energy-Saving Facilities.”

Action Plans
  1. Local Energy Conservation Standards for Urban and Building Design
  2. Green Building Label Application
  3. Building Energy Passports
  4. Energy Efficient Building Materials
  5. Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Old Buildings
  6. Demonstration of Energy Efficient Public Buildings
  7. Demonstration of New Green Buildings in the Community
  8. Green Factories
  9. Ground Source Heat Pump System in Buildings
  10. Demonstration of District Heating and Cooling Energy Storage Center
  11. Energy Efficient Indoor Lighting
  12. Energy Efficient Household Appliances
  13. Monitoring System of Smart Meter on Demand Side
  14. Energy Efficiency Improvement of Computer Facilities
  15. Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling
  16. Energy Efficient Street Lights
  17. Waste Heat Recycling and Reuse
  18. Energy Efficient Facilities for Agriculture, Livestock Industry and Fishery
  19. Energy Efficient Lighting for Temples
  20. Eco-Friendly Burners
  21. Photovoltaic System Installation
  22. Solar Heating System Installation
  23. Mini Hydraulic Power
  24. Demonstration of Ocean Energy Utilization
  25. Wind Power
  26. Demonstration of Micro-Grid Energy Storage System
  27. Geothermal Energy Utilization
  28. Biofuel Utilization